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Cutting-Edge Custom Extrusion Solutions Focused on Client Needs

Custom engineered thermoplastic components require the highest level of design, development and production in concert with each customer’s individual needs.  Extrudex, located in Painesville, Ohio, offers customers more than 35 years of experience in all forms of extrusion technology.  We collaborate with our clients and provide a full array of custom plastic extrusion services including profile extrusions, polycarbonate tubing, and stripping rollers, in addition to post-extrusion services.

Our expert team of engineers will work with you to understand your needs and develop a cost-effective and timely solution to your problem. We will partner with you from the planning stage through the completion of production with the highest attention to detail and focus on the needs of your business. With an eye on adaptability, we can alter our production systems to fulfill both small-run and quick turnaround as well as long-run projects. You will appreciate the personal attention that you receive as we work to fulfill your specific extrusion needs.  From the smallest extrusion used for technology to the largest construction extrusion, we offer production and shipment anywhere in the world from our Northeast Ohio location.

If your company is looking for a long-term partner to assist in custom thermoplastic extrusions, contact us today We will work with you to create a cost-saving, efficient design and production plan that meets your every need, including specifications and budget.

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