How To Explain Extrusion When They Ask 

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3 Tips To Make FleX-J Installs Easy

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Design Important for Extrusion Technologies

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Call Extrudex for Heat Welding Projects

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Plastic and the Future of Automotive Design

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Polycarbonate Tube and Extrusions Offer Distinct Benefits

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Do We Still Need Injection Screws?

Recently, there has been quite a bit of discussion around injection screws and their role in the plastic extrusion operation and process…continue reading

Plastics Provide Protection to Military

Plastics are now being used for much more than just soda bottles and packaging. In fact, some of the newest plastics technology is protecting United States troops and will be provided as more of a standard offering beginning in 2019….continue reading

Plastics Recycling Affected by Low Virgin Resin Prices

The automotive industry is now getting some of the most well used parts from a new technology that allows plastic bottles to be recycled into a variety of engine parts…continue reading

New Technology Converts GM Employee Bottles into Parts

The automotive industry is now getting some of the most well used parts from a new technology that allows plastic bottles to be recycled into a variety of engine parts…continue reading

3D Printing Expands Extrusion Industry

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Santoprene™, a Versatile Extrusion Solution

Santoprene™ is one of the most widely used materials today in the extrusion industry…continue reading

Why Choose Extrudex?

If you are looking for a company that has expertise in extruding polycarbonate tubes and other thermoplastics, then Extrudex might be one of the best options…continue reading

Santoprene™, a Versatile Extrusion Solution

Santoprene™ is one of the most widely used materials today in the extrusion industry…continue reading

How It Works – 3D Printing

Extrusion technology is an important part of the 3D printing technology that is becoming so popular today.  Consumers can now purchase a 3D printer and can have fun creating…continue reading

Extrusion Profiles Used in LED Lighting

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Step-By-Step: The Polycarbonate Extrusion Process

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Polymer Extrusion Facts

Polymer extrusions, plastic extrusions. . . there are so many terms that are used in the plastic manufacturing field. If you have ever wondered about polymer extrusions…continue reading

Plastic Extrusion Tolerances

When you are considering ordering a custom manufactured part, one question that always comes up is the level of tolerance…continue reading


Design Qualities That Make FleX-J Unique

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Consumers Protected by Extrusion Technology

We have become a completely device driven culture, right? When was the last time that you didn’t have a cell phone, tablet or laptop nearby? What most people don’t realize is that…continue reading


Plastic Profiles Ideal for Tubing

Plastic profiles and extrusions have become very commonplace in today’s business and consumer marketplace. From IV tubes that are used every single day in healthcare settings to…continue reading


Leverage Plastic Channels in Construction

Finding the right part for your construction project can mean the difference between spending a few minutes on an installation or repair or hours. Not only can it be frustrating to have to try…continue reading


4 Ways Extrusions Can Be Used In Food Processing

Food processing can be a demanding business. With so many regulations, food spoilage issues and mechanical needs, anything that can be done to create more reliable systems is beneficial…continue reading


Try Out The Newest Extruded Plastic Parts!

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Using Extrusions in Commercial Applications

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5 Facts You Need to Know About Polymer Extrusions

Extrusions offer one of the most versatile technologies on the market. Polymers are one of the most popular materials. Combine the technology and the material and you can see why…continue reading


Prevent Problems with Extrusions

Starting a new extrusion project can be a daunting challenge. With many variables, including design, materials and specifications, working to prevent problems before…continue reading


Extrusions and Agriculture: A Great Match

The use of extruded parts in agriculture has risen to new highs. With versatility, the ability to keep the parts sanitary and flexible applications, more and more agriculture professionals are now choosing to use…continue reading


5 Ways People Stay Safe with Plastic Extrusions

Public safety is a concern where many individuals, groups and agencies devote their time. Ensuring that people traveling, going to stores and attending athletic events have a great time and…continue reading


Solving Plastic and Polymer Confusion

Dealing with extrusions means a lot of technical terms and options to consider. Figuring out whether you need a plastic extrusion or a polymer extrusion can cause a lot of confusion. Here are just a few…continue reading


Your Questions Answered About Thermoplastics

At Extrudex, we get a lot of questions from clients about thermoplastics, what they are and how they work. In this article, we will provide some answers to…continue reading


Die Design Tips

Did you know that even the most carefully chosen plastics won’t become the product you want without the correct die? continue reading


Four Things to Know About the Extrusion Process

Do you have a new project that you are considering for plastic extrusion? Understanding a bit about the process and how it works will help you to determine if extrusion is…continue reading


Problematic Extrusion Designs

While today’s plastic extrusions can offer a high level of complexity, there are certain things that, if avoided, will help you to avoid problematic extrusion designs. Knowing this ahead of time can help…continue reading

Extrusions: The Process

The process of creating an extrusion is one that has been tested over decades of technological advances. While the basic process may seem simple, there are…continue reading


Hardware or Software Issues Holding Your Extrusion Back?

Today’s extrusion technology takes advantage of the highest level of hardware and software to ensure that specifications are met.  If there is an issue with the final extrusion product, then isolating the problem into …continue reading


Plastic Extrusions Not Meeting Tolerances?

Having a plastic extrusion that meets the tolerances that you need can be the difference between a product that works and one that doesn’t.  In order to get the results that are required for your product, it is critical that…continue reading


4 Reasons to Choose Thermoplastic PVC

If you want the best outcome for your next project, then choosing the right material can be critical. Thermoplastic PVC is one of the most versatile plastics for…continue reading


How to Choose an Extrusion Company

When you are ready to explore having an extrusion completed for your business, you need to select your provider carefully. Having access to the right company can…continue reading


Innovative Details For Extrusions

If you are considering a new project that includes a plastic extruded part, then you may be wondering if there are ways to add details and function to each and every part…continue reading


Benefits Of Acrylics For Extrusions

Are you about to start a new project? Are acrylics one of the materials that you are considering using as part of your final product? If so, you will find that acrylics…continue reading


Bottles From Extrusions?

Like every industry, new developments in technology can take something that was formerly thought to be impossible and create a way for it to be possible. This is the case…continue reading


Meeting Extrusion Specification Needs

Having a final product after extrusion that will work for your unique design has more to do with understanding your how tight your specifications are…continue reading


Developments In Extrusion Technology Yield Advanced Materials

Extrusions have come a long way in the last few years. With advancements in technology, more and more companies are enjoying the results that can be achieved in plastic…continue reading


Custom Extrusion Processes

Like every other supply industry, plastic extrusions and profile processes are rapidly changing with advances in technology and commercial and consumer needs…continue reading


Plastic Extrusions Save Lives

Advances in medical technology mean that more and more plastic parts are needed in order to complete today’s advanced life saving operations and procedures…continue reading


Extruded Parts Popular in Automotive

Automotive manufacturers are always looking for the most economical and safe way to build vehicl-es. What they have discovered is that plastic extrusions allow…continue reading


Consumers and Retail Show Wide Use of Plastic Extrusions

So many people think of plastic extrusions as something that is only rarely used. If they only knew! With an efficient and cost-effective manufacturing process…continue reading


Clear Polycarbonate for LED Lighting

Clear polycarbonate extrusions are one of the best ways to create the parts necessary for LED lighting. Extrudex is a leader in offering these types of services…continue reading


Wide Variety of Tubes Available Using Plastic Profiles

Innovations have proven that there are very few boundaries when creating products with plastic extrusions and profiles. The technology is extremely versatile…continue reading


Clear Polycarbonate for LED Lighting

Clear polycarbonate extrusions are one of the best ways to create the parts necessary for LED lighting. Extrudex is a leader in offering these types of services…continue reading


Extrusions Work in Food Processing

Needless to say, there are many regulations in the food processing industry that are designed to help keep consumers safe. Food manufacturers have discovered…continue reading


New Extruded Products Through Innovation

The plastic extrusion industry has grown exponentially with changes in technology and rapid innovations. As you can imagine, this has led to a great deal…continue reading


Extrusion Ideal for Electrical Applications

The next time you plug in your cell phone, tablet or laptop, you can thank a plastics engineer. Realistically, the developments in the plastic extrusion industry have…continue reading


Extrusions Make Your Home Look Great

Nearly everyone wants their home to look great. If you are wondering how you can achieve a designer look in your home, you can get help from…continue reading


Applications for Plastic Extrusions

The range of products that are created from plastic extrusions is ever expanding. Developments in technology, improvements in the way that plastic materials are created as well as…continue reading


Extruded Parts and Paint Reactions

Plain parts will no longer do. Are you like the many manufacturing companies that want to be able to customize your parts? Have you been thinking…continue reading


Plastic Is Not the Only Material that Can Be Extruded

The manufacturing industry is one of the most technologically advanced businesses around the globe. Every single day, new challenges and problems are…continue reading


Can You Print Information on an Extrusion?

One of the most commonly asked questions of our team is whether information can be added to specific batches of extruded parts to help with identification and location the correct parts. The answer is…continue reading

Plastic Extrusion Or Polymer Extrusion

There are lots of technical terms when you are working with plastic extrusion processes especially with all of the technological improvements and options in materials…continue reading


Thermoplastic Basics

Thermoplastics, or plastic materials that can be heated and molded, are becoming a common way for those in manufacturing to acquire parts that work specifically for your application…continue reading


Understanding The Extrusion Process

All of the technological developments in the extrusion and plastics industries can make keeping up a real challenge.  If you are considering using extruded products to help…continue reading


Die Use In Extrusions

In conjunction with the material selected, the most important part of the extrusion process is the die that is created that forms the shape for the final part…continue reading


Things To Avoid In Die Design

Knowing what you can achieve in an extrusion can be critical in developing your die design.  While plastic extrusion can be achieved in many cases, trying to form certain shapes…continue reading


Coextrusion Solves Production Issues

Are you confused about coextrusion?  Would you like to know more about how it works and whether it might benefit your process?  Coextrusion is…continue reading


Why Choose Extrudex?

If you are looking for a manufacturer to bring your plastic extrusion design to life, then you have a lot to consider.  From their track record to their commitment to customers…continue reading


Creating a Die That Works

With the excitement of launching a new product comes the reality that you need to have a die created that can do the work during the actual extrusion process. Creating that die carefully is…continue reading


Thermoplastic PVC Right for You?

Choosing the right material for your extrusion project can be the key to a great outcome. Thermoplastic PVC might be just the right choice and offers quite a few benefits when…continue reading

How Do Extrusions Work?

Have you ever wondered how a plastic extrusion works? Do you want to know more so that you can better understand the design process for your own new products? If you do, then…continue reading

Isolating Hardware and Software Extrusion Issues

Getting great plastic extrusions means having a thorough understanding of what can happen to cause issues during the process itself. When you know the ins and outs of isolating issues, it can…continue reading

Dealing with Plastic Extrusion Problems

Creating a plastic extrusion can be a complex process that requires the right combination of materials, design and process. When any one of these things isn’t working, the end product can…continue reading


Choosing the Right Extrusion Company

Whether you are launching a new product or have experience in developing extruded products, you need a manufacturer that you can count on. Choosing the right extrusion company…continue reading

Plastics Protect Public Safety

Increasing public safety is always on the mind of product designers and regulators. One of the newest ways to ensure the safety of the public is through the use of antibacterial plastic products that can be…continue reading


Extruded Plastics Ideal for Agricultural Use

Innovations in plastic extrusion processes have created opportunity for the products to be used in a wide variety of markets. Recently, some of the newest options for extruding companies…continue reading


Common Mistakes with Extrusion Designs

Are you considering a new project that will take advantage of extrusion processes? Do you have a complex design in mind that you are concerned won’t adapt well to the limits of extrusion technology? If you have either of these questions then it is critical…continue reading


Quick Facts on Polymer Extrusions

Polymers are one of the best material options for plastic extrusions. These versatile materials can be shaped into some of the most challenging shapes. If you are considering using a polymer, then here are some quick facts…continue reading


Commercial Applications for Extrusions

Today’s complex and adaptive plastic extrusion technology can do far more than simply make j-channel for windows and door frames. In fact, there are now a myriad…continue reading


How Are Extrusions Made?

When clients order a plastic extrusion, unless they are familiar with the process, they may not understand how these parts can be processed so easily. Over time, the plastic extrusion process has changed…continue reading


Plastic Channels Ideal for Construction

If you have ever wondered how trim pieces are designed to fit perfectly within cars, windows and other applications, then you are seeing how plastic channels have revolutionized the way that these profiles can be used. Here are just a few examples…continue reading


Best Practices in Extrusion Design

When you are considering a new plastic extrusion design, you can be sure that there are many options to think about and many items to weigh. From the right material selection to the best processing option, there are some critical decisions that need to be made…continue reading


New Thermoformed Plastic Bottles

In the plastic extrusion market, scientists and industry leaders are always working to develop new technologies that can help to decrease the costs, increase the quality and provide environmentally friendly plastic products. One of the newest…continue reading


Creative Options in Extrusions

When you are designing a new plastic product, you may be looking for the most creative way to incorporate the functionality and details that you need in order to take your business to the next level. With new technology constantly evolving, there are…continue reading


Using Acrylics in Extrusions

Acrylics are one of the most commonly used materials in plastic extrusions. They offer a wide variety of benefits and can be used in many environments that are not suited to other materials. Why choose acrylic for your next plastic extrusion project?…continue reading


High-Tech Extrusions Made with High-Tech Equipment

The technology used to create extrusions is some of the most sophisticated in manufacturing today. With concerns over efficiency, processing time, overall cost and the use of environmentally friendly materials, engineers have spent a…continue reading


Considerations in Extrusion Tolerances

When it is time for you to start your next plastic extrusion project, you might immediately be thinking about the design or the materials. While those things are important, it is also critical that you choose the options that will help you get as close to…continue reading


Print Capacity Benefits Extrusions

More and more companies are concerned with the environmental effects of not only their manufacturing process, but their products. They are questioning whether their products can be recycled and reused after their…continue reading


Extruding Paper, Plastic Style

Technology is ever evolving. These changes apply to the extrusion business as well as any industry that wants to retain their edge. One of the newest developments in the extrusion business is the ability to extrude…continue reading


Do Extruded Plastics Accept Paint?

Custom plastic designs are getting more and more complicated.With the advances in technology, customers, designers and end-users now want extrusions that match the item they are designing. That has posed a problem for…continue reading


How Can Extrusions Be Used?

In the plastic extrusion business, there are many options that can contribute to nearly every industry. Profile extrusions, which creates holes in products during the extrusion process, can create tubes that are used for…continue reading


Plastic Extrusions Increase Curb Appeal

Are you trying to sell your home? Are you wondering how to increase your curb appeal? Developments in the plastic extrusion industry might be just the touch that your home needs in order to more quickly access buyers for…continue reading


Sorting Plastic Films by Polymer Type

Recycling materials is one of the most focused on projects in the plastics industry to date. Finding ways to take post-consumer waste and bring it back to life is something that is critical to the health of our environment over…continue reading


PVC is Environmentally Friendly

More and more companies are concerned with the environmental effects of not only their manufacturing process, but their products. They are questioning whether their products can be recycled and reused after their…continue reading


4 Tips for the Best Extrusion Designs

There are certain design specifications that can really help to make your plastic profile a success once it has been manufactured. To get the best custom plastic extrusion results, planning carefully in the design stage can set you up for success…continue reading


Which Materials Can Be Used for Flexible Extrusions?

If you are considering a new plastic extrusion design, then choosing the material carefully can make all of the difference in how successful your product is once it is manufactured. This is especially true for plastic extrusions that need to retain…continue reading


Green Materials Make Plastics Environmentally Friendly

Most people believe that plastics simply aren’t an environmentally friendly option for manufacturing. While there are many materials that can be challenging to recycle, new technology and plastic materials are changing that perception. ..continue reading


Are 3D Printers Actually Extruders?

With the advent of 3D printing technology, many professional plastic extrusion engineers are at a bit of a loss as to how to characterize this new technology. Is it a form of extrusion or should it be categorized as a completely new process…continue reading


Thermoplastics Now Used in Car Body Parts

Adding plastics to car bodies makes sense for automobile manufacturers in the future. Saving money and providing parts that resist corrosion is a value added for consumers, while plastics can be recycled once a car has been outdated. Engineers are now looking …continue reading


Extrusions Not Limited By Materials

Finding just the right material for your plastic extrusion project can be a real challenge. At Extrudex, we carry a full line of materials that can make your project easy to accomplish and offer you just the right tolerances and fit. Here are just a few of the materials that can be used for plastic extrusion projects…continue reading


Extruded Plastics Protect Health

If you stop to think about how many plastic surfaces that you touch each and every day, you might be concerned that they can harbor microbes that can be concerning for your health and the health of your family.  The plastics industry has been working non-stop to ensure that our extruded products are safe and can be not only cleaned but have new properties that make them antimicrobial in nature…continue reading


Akron Event to Feature Plastic Innovations

Akron, Ohio, is known for their work in rubber and plastics and the University of Akron’s College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering is one of the finest in the country. During the month of October, the university will highlight the developments in the plastics and rubber industry by hosting the Akron Polymer Conference….continue reading


New 3D Printing Technology Utilizes Extrusion Systems

Some of the most exciting extrusion work being done today is in the field of three dimensional printing. This form of plastic extrusion is helpful in creating everything from small parts needed for short-run manufacturing, to prototyping of new plastic parts and creative projects such as musical instruments….continue reading


Recycled Plastics Used in New Extruded Products

New technology is allowing more and more recycled plastic materials to be used in new extruded products. Recent innovations have made manufacturing new products in expanded categories possible. Here are just a few ways that recycled plastics are now being utilized in manufacturing today…continue reading

New Plastic Product Protects Fragile Trees

The fall can be a tough time for farmers, those that own orchards and homeowners as they attempt to protect their trees against the damage done from bucks that are marking their territory. To let other deer know that they are in the area, they rub their bony antlers on tree trunks, up to four feet off of the ground, to take the summer velvet off…continue reading

Advances in Medical Tubing from New Extrusion Technology

Extruded plastics are effective for new medical products that can help patients to have a greater quality of life and assist medical personnel in saving those that are critical. Two new innovations in the medical tubing industry have recently made headlines in the plastic extrusion industry….continue reading

New Plastic Tube Could Save Lives of Soldiers

Plastic extruded tubes are receiving a great deal of attention for their ability to save the lives and limbs of our country’s bravest soldiers. A new extruded tube device created by researcher Matthew Becker, a professor at the University of Akron…continue reading

Automobile Industry Making Lighter Cars with New Plastics

With the cost of oil rising and more people wanting vehicles that are environmentally friendly and easy on gas costs, the automobile industry is doing much more than just expanding hybrid and electric processes…continue reading

Shrimp Shells May Be the Next Innovation in Plastics

Shrimp shells are now providing a new way to create plastic materials. A “plastic” is any compound that is moldable solid. The chitosan, or the material that is part of shrimp shells, has been found to be a key ingredient in a new type of plastic, called shrilk…continue reading