Common Uses for Industrial Extrusions

Over the last several years, more and more companies have been taking advantage of industrial extrusions. With new technology, it is easier and very cost effective to create these parts quickly and efficiently. Industrial plastic tubing is one of the fastest growing developments for extrusions.

Industrial plastic extrusions can be used for a wide variety of parts. Custom plastic tubing, for example, can be created to work for everything from food processing plants all the way to the automotive industry. These tubes can carry air, hydraulic fluid or other pressurized liquids to machinery in order to keep it running effectively.

Tubes used in appliance manufacturing can also be created through an extrusion process. Water softener tubes and refrigerator tubes are just a few of the parts that are used during the industrial manufacturing process. Water softener tubes are used to move prepared water into a home or office water supply. Refrigerator tubes can move coolant to keep foods fresh on a commercial or home refrigeration system.

One of the newest applications for extruded plastics is in the geothermal heating and cooling industry. New extruded geothermal pipes help to move water that is heated or cooled by the earth back into a home or building to be used as part of the HVAC system. These durable extruded pipes are not only helping to save overall energy costs, but also to create a more environmentally friendly way to heat and cool homes and offices.

Extrusions are also used in a wide variety of cores. Plastic extruded cores can be used as a tape core, film core, BEF core, PVB cores, thermos transfer ribbon cores, label cores and even in cleanrooms for their core needs. These cores can be carefully prepared to eliminate lint, dust and particles that could compromise the finished product or contaminate the process.

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