Dealing With Plastic Extrusion Problems

Extrudex slide rollersCreating a plastic extrusion can be a complex process that requires the right combination of materials, design and process. When any one of these things isn’t working quite right, the end product can suffer, leaving you feeling frustrated. If troubleshooting your plastic extrusion problem is on your agenda, here are some areas to check to see where things are going wrong:

Inconsistent sizing.

One of the most critical parts of a good quality extrusion is that it meets the requirements for sizing in a consistent manner. Issues with size can be a result of several areas, including both the materials and the process. If the correct material has not been selected, then it may contract more than expected or not enough to me the specs during the cooling and cutting phase. Issues with the process can cause the material to overheat or not warm enough to be pliable for the finished product.

Issues with processing technology.

During an extrusion process, many variables are present which can cause challenges with the final product. If you are having problems with the final product, look closely at the segments of the production line. Work your way from the front of the line to the back, considering what could cause your error.

Dimension changes.

When you are working on an extrusion, it is important to have consistent dimensions on the final product. If this is a problem, one of the best places to start looking is at the material that has been chosen. Many times, the plastic chosen isn’t performing the way it was designed.

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