Extrusions Explode in Healthcare Settings

Plastic extrusions are used in far more than simply the weather stripping in your home or office. In fact, the newest plastic extrusions are taking a lead in the treatment of individuals who need medical care. Many procedures are now completed using items that have been manufactured using the plastic extrusion process. Here are just a few examples of how extrusions are being used in healthcare today:

  • Plastic extruded parts are some of the first used for most patients entering the hospital or being transported by ambulance. One of the first actions taken by many Emergency Department teams and Paramedics is to start an IV to give the patient fluids. The tubing that is used to administer most IVs is completed using extruded plastic materials.
  • Extruded plastics are used for everyday patient management. Many patients who take advantage of catheter technology use a variety of extruded plastics in order to maintain their health on a daily basis.
  • Plastics are a key component in administering antiseptics for wound cleaning and pre-surgery preparation. Many of today‚Äôs best antiseptic formulas are now packaged as an ampoule using plastic extrusion technology.
  • Swab sticks see usage in many areas. From a trip to the pediatrician for a strep culture to use on a military medical transport, swab sticks constructed from extruded plastics make a difference in the health of literally every patient that is being seen by a physician or medical team.
  • Extrusions are even part of medical packaging. For the most sensitive medical devices, manufacturers are now using extruded parts to ensure that the device gets to the patient in perfect condition.

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