Why Choose Acrylic for Extrusions?

Are you considering what material to use for your next extrusion project? Are you looking for a material with specific characteristics that include durability? You may want to consider acrylic as a possibility for your next project. It has a wide variety of uses that may meet your needs:

  • Acrylic is a petrochemical byproduct. To manufacture acrylic, you need acrylic acid, which is a byproduct of gasoline and ethylene production. This petrochemical derivative can then be formed into a wide range of stock that can be the basis for an extrusion.
  • Acrylics are optically clear. For applications that require optical clarity and durability, acrylics are a leading choice. By nature acrylic plastics are clear, which means that they make an excellent choice when you need a transparent option for your next project.
  • Durability is a benefit of acrylics. If you have ever had an aquarium with acrylic sides, then you know that acrylic is long lasting. Many clients even use acrylic sheets as windowpanes and acrylic is widely used in marine applications where broken glass could be problematic and yet visibility is critical.
  • It can be sterilized and used in healthcare settings. Intravenous tubes used in medical settings can be made using acrylic compounds. These clear channels can even help physicians monitor how much medication is going to a patient and at what rate. With the durability of acrylic, there is no concern over cracking, which means that there is less of an issue with contamination.

Take a close look at acrylics for your next extruded project. The team at Extrudex can help you to determine exactly the right type of material for your specific needs and applications. Call us today for a consultation with our team of plastics engineers.