Extrudex's Flex-J

FleX-J by Extrudex revolutionized the way j-channels work on round and other geometrically shaped windows and door frames. Before flexible J-channels, the process for bending the material was an incredible headache. Watch a YouTube video about bending j-Channel and you’ll see what we mean. You literally had to heat the material with a hairdryer and meticulously shape the channel with a pattern to make it work. It’s a time consuming and frustrating process that has now been eliminated by the flexible J channel, but only FleX-J by Extrudex offers a true 1” face, one of the largest on the market today. Our goal is to give you the most stable, extruded flexible j-channel while maintaining the flexibility that you need for easy installation.

With that said, we wanted to share with you some tips to make installing your FleX-J channel around curved windows simple. 

Our complete install guide is available online, but here are some highlights to get you started:

• Leave a little room. When you are measuring the circumference of the arch, leave about 1-1/2” to allow for overlap at the bottom of the installed FleX-J Channel.

• Nail it tightly. Place a nail at the base of the arch and drive it through the flange. Place additional nails every 6” along the flange. Remember to nail as tightly as possible. Be sure that the last nail is positioned at the base of the opposite side.

• The bottom is the same as any typical j-channel install. Square cut the corners to overlap the FleX-J and use pop rivets to secure the corners. Use washers on the inside of the rivets to prevent pull-through.

• FleX-J from Extrudex will change the way you install j-channel around your doors and windows. For more information on FleX-J or any of our other exciting and innovative products, contact us today and let one of our experts find a solution for you.

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