3D printer

Three-dimensional printing is set to take consumer manufacturer products by storm.

Having access to the ability to actually produce a product in your home using a 3D printer may cause a tectonic shift in how many consumers get access to items.  Check out these ways that 3D printers may change the way that consumers get access to goods:

  • 3D printers offer home-based plastic extrusions. This technology offers consumers the ability to not only design something, but to have it completely manufactured at their fingertips in their own home.  This is a shift from the current way that products are offered through a retail-based store.
  • These printers are currently focused on low volume specialty items as well as prototypes, but there may be a change coming. New technology included in 3D printing will allow consumers and companies to produce exactly what they need as long as they have the design.
  • 3D printing will work in concert with current plastic injection molding technology. While 3D printing will help companies and individuals to get the parts they need, there will be a way for both of these technologies to work together, at least for the time being.  There are companies out there that are considering replacing their plastics injection molding equipment with industrial-sized 3D printers, but the wide acceptance of this method will take a bit of time to become the norm.  As part of this process, tooling will become cheaper with 3D technology.  Over time, experts predict that tooling will become cheaper with 3D technology.

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