Food processing can be a demanding business. With so many regulations, food spoilage issues and mechanical needs, anything that can be done to create more reliable systems is beneficial. Extrusions can be a positive part of making food processing easier. Here are four ways that extrusions can be used in food processing:

  1. Get rid of glass. Glass parts, while they can be kept clean relatively easily, can also pose a serious hazard to food processing workers and the public. Glass is frequently used in food processing operations as shield. These shields can be replaced with extruded acrylic panels or polycarbonate sheeting that will help to protect items without glass hazard.
  1. Take advantage of acrylic films. One of the best ways for food processing manufacturers to use extrusions is through the implementation of extruded acrylic films. These films can be used to cover food to prevent it from spoilage and contamination. When heated, acrylic films can even be shrunk to fit a wide variety of containers.
  1. Try bottles from extruded plastics. Instead of dealing with glass jars or metal cans, food processing manufacturers can now take advantage of jars and bottles that are made from extruded plastics. These plastic containers not only weigh less than glass or metal, but can be created from recycled plastic materials. Since these plastic bottles are lightweight, it can save manufacturers a dramatic amount of money in shipping fees.
  1. Manufacturing equipment can be extruded as well. Instead of dealing with metal parts in the manufacturing process, consider replacing those parts with extruded plastics. Lightweight and sanitary, extrusions are ideal for food processing organizations.

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