About Us

We are growing

Extrudex: Focused on growth since 1983

Extrudex specializes in custom thermoplastic extrusions in a wide range of industries. Shortly after its founding in 1980 in Chardon, Ohio, increasing demand from customers grew to the point that Extrudex acquired production and secondary processing capability to offer custom designed products of their own making.

Ten years later, Extrudex was sold to Mr. George Humphrey and members of his family.  The Humphrey family invested in additional machinery and equipment to increase the company’s production capacity. With the additional capacity, orders for custom plastic extrusions grew at an astounding rate.  In just two short years, the company moved from the original Chardon location to a larger plant in Painesville, Ohio, where they are currently located.

A State-of-the-art facility

90,000 Square feet of innovation

The facility operated by Extrudex boasts an impressive 90,000 square feet of production and engineering space.  With a continued focus on growth, Extrudex is constantly increasing the number of polymers it processes as well as the size and variety of its custom plastic and polycarbonate extrusions to better respond to the changing needs of customers. 

The implementation of new technologies is our current focus, with new equipment and processes always being evaluated and tested by our team of extrusion engineers.  Our location near the heart of Cleveland and Akron has put us in the forefront of polymer development and extrusion advancements.

Experience and Innovation

Pushing the Envelope in Extrusion

It’s not enough to just have longevity in any industry. Our history indicates that we take care of our customers and we are respected in the extrusion industry. But, innovation is what powers long-term growth in our field. From our revolutionary FleX-J channel to our wide variety of custom extrusions and products, we have always adapted to the needs of our industry. We are ready to lead extrusion into the future, never resting on laurels or looking back on our past accomplishments. Extrudex is ready to advance custom extrusion for years to come.