Extruded plastics are effective for new medical products that can help patients to have a greater quality of life and assist medical personnel in saving those that are critical. Two new innovations in the medical tubing industry have recently made headlines in the plastic extrusion industry.

While traditional fluropolymers such as PTFE and FEP have been regularly used to product catheters, new materials have shown a great deal of promise in providing higher quality medical grade tubing. By using EFEP fluropolymer as well as nylon 12 and PEBA-type TPEs, a multi-layer tube can be extruded that offers the ability to bond to polyamide-based resins without the need for a chemical etching process. The fact that these new materials don’t have to go through the etching process means that the tubing remains clear and doesn’t have to go through additional manufacturing steps to make sure it will adhere to plastics or wire coil. It even resists delamination issues.

For medical devices such as fluid drainage and storage bags, cushioning bladders and surgical pouches, thermoplastic elastomers are now being introduced into the marketplace. To improve the uniformity of the thickness of the product, calendering is now being used with medical grade TPEs. These new formulations can even be radio frequency welded into place, giving them a consistent result that easily compares with PVC in not only the processing of the material, but in the bonding, assembly and clinical handling of the devices.

Other innovations have helped extruded materials to better withstand alcohol and chemicals than other types of TPUs, which is critical in the medical industry. This material can be used for wound care, medical garments, film and tubing and feature more rigidity, less kinks in the hoses and lower swell rates.

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