The range of products that are created from plastic extrusions is ever expanding. Developments in technology, improvements in the way that plastic materials are created as well as compound materials have all contributed to the many ways that extrusions are now being used in business.

While you may think of extrusions as only used for home improvement products, such as weather stripping on doors or windows, there are far more products that are created using extrusions. Everything from medical equipment, such as IV tubing, ventilator hoses and surgical suction equipment to drinking straws are all created using plastic extrusion technology. This technology is ideal for making tube-like structures that can be used for hoses and straw type shaped parts.

Different varieties of tubing and pipes are used in many applications, including those in the automotive industry, appliance and construction business. Extrusions can be used to create hoses that move fluids and air around a vehicle, ensuring that materials such as brake fluid, transmission fluid and oil are contained and delivered to the appropriate part of the engine. Appliances, such as dishwashers and washing machines also take advantage of extrusions that deliver and drain water into and out of the machinery. In the construction business, extrusions are used by plumbing contractors as well as electrical contractors. Flexible hose lines as well as insulating conduit are all excellent examples of how extrusions are being applied in business.

Solid hose and tube shapes are not the only ones available in an extrusion. In fact, pins can be added to any extrusion to place holes in the final product, which allows for the addition of screws or other parts to ensure that the plastic stays in place. Even flat items, such as vinyl siding, can be created using an extrusion process. Sheet and post forming allows plastic to be extruded into a flat sheet form and then shaped and cut at the end of the production line.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of options for plastic extrusions in today’s technologically savvy market. From automotive uses to medical and home improvements, plastic extrusions are virtually everywhere. For more information on how extrusions can be used for your business, call Extrudex today!

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