One of the most commonly asked questions of our team is whether information can be added to specific batches of extruded parts to help with identification and location the correct parts. The answer is yes! New technologies available mean that you can add critical information to each and every part, giving you and advantage in the marketplace over your competitors. Here are some ways that adding printed information to your plastic extrusions can help with your process:

  • You can add batch numbers to each part. In today’s environment of specific materials and parts, you can have batch numbers added to each one of your parts. This will help you track the date it was produced, when it was delivered and how it was utilized. If you ever have a concern, you can quickly identify the parts involved without having to include your entire production line, giving your customers the responsiveness that they need.
  • Printed part numbers can provide ease in manufacturing and assembly. When you purchase many extruded parts that look similar and have only slight design differences, it can be challenging to ensure that the right part is being used for the right application. Adding printed part numbers as part of the manufacturing process can ensure that your team or customers use the correct part during assembly.
  • Adding printed information can build your brand. Have you ever thought of adding your tag line, website address or logo to your extruded parts? You can with the newest printing technology available for plastics. In fact, adding these pieces of information can be a great way to build and promote your brand over the long term.
  • Go green with printed plastics. If your materials can be recycled, you can even use the printing process to not only state that they are recyclable, but how they can be recycled and whom to contact for this important service. This is an important way to show environmental awareness.

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