Whether you are launching a new product or have experience in developing extruded products, you need a manufacturer that you can count on. Choosing the right extrusion company can help you to make the most of your product, your design and lower the time and cost that it can take to produce it. Do you have an idea what to look for in an extrusion company as a partner? Read on to learn about characteristics of great extrusion companies.

When you are considering an extrusion company, one of the first places to look is at their available technology. The technology that is available is something that will be a fixed part of the process. No matter how nice the people are, it will not change the outcome if they have outdated machinery and technology. This is especially true if you have tight specifications for your project.

Another key consideration is how much supply the company has on hand at any given time. If you need to have your extrusion completed in a specific amount of time, then using a company that has a wide variety of materials on hand can streamline the process for you. Look at the number and different types of materials they can offer as well as their ability to get hard-to-acquire products. This can give you many options as you proceed through the extrusion process.

Excellent extrusion companies also offer a range of services, including short runs and rapid prototyping. How final materials are packaged is also a consideration as you interview providers.

Finally, don’t forget to look carefully for the type of people that operate the extrusion company you are considering. Are they qualified as plastic engineers? Do they have a desire to build a long term partnership with you? This can be the key to a long term relationship that makes sense.

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