Co-Extrusions and Tri-Extrusions

Complex Materials Solve Complex Problems

We Specialize in Finding the Right Combination for Your Situation

Co- and tri-extrusion enable you to combine materials to come up with innovations that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. Sometimes, it’s for function. Other times, it’s just to combine colors or patterns to make a unique display. No matter the reason, Extrudex can bring all your extruded plastic visions to life. 

We can run two or three extrusions through a single die to produce a combination of materials that can handle the requirements for your projects and remain visually stunning. You can even add a clear window to a multi-colored extrusion to make your display look amazing while following the function you need from your piece.

Quick turnaround for batches large and small is the hallmark of what we do. Contact Extrudex today and discover a new solution for your co- or tri-extrusion needs.