Extrusion Design Process

Design Creates Impact

Customer Experience Is Key

In the extrusion industry, innovation is really powered by the people who will ultimately use the product you are creating. Attendees at September’s Plastic Caps & Closures 2016 conference in Chicago know this better than most. The theme of this year’s conference was “Design Creates Impact,” and it was all about making sure that you are listening to your customers to design products that solve a problem and push your product to the front of the shelf.

In the plastic caps & closures market, companies have been able to move past their competition by making it easier to use their products and stand out from their peers. Companies that offered squeeze bottles with sports-based caps moved ahead of those with traditional twist caps, and everyone had to adjust to keep up. Those companies who listened to their customers turned product design into a marketing tool and progressed because they heeded the call of their base.

Plastics News quoted Mark Dziersk, managing director for Lunar, as saying “Design has really rocketed to the forefront of a business strategy,” during his presentation at the conference. Extrusion innovation and design have become as much a part of marketing as graphics and art. “Brands today are defined by the experience that a customer has with a product,” said Dziersk. Form doesn’t always follow function. In today’s highly competitive retail space, function is driving commerce.

While Extrudex is not a producer of caps or closures, as a plastic extrusion manufacturer, we do understand the increasing value and importance of strategic product design. Our engineering team provides custom extrusion product design and custom retail packaging, among many other capabilities, to our clients. We know how important it is that packaging and product design combine to create a positive response from the customer. If you are seeking an extrusion technologies partner who will work hard to meet your unique design needs, contact Extrudex today.

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