Dual Durometer Extrusion

Sometimes you need strength and flexibility.

Dual Durometer Extrusion is a process that infuses two types of material together, making a unified piece that can achieve specialized function.  Some jobs call for the strength of a rigid metal or plastic merging with a soft, flexible material to achieve a specific function.  Extrudex understands these needs, and we are innovative dual durometer extrusion experts.

Thermoplastics are the best of both worlds in terms of being a strong material that can also be made flexible.  As the name suggests, they are sensitive to temperature, so they are softer when heated, and become harder as they cool.  They have incredible resiliency and can return to their normal shape after they are manipulated.  Extrudex can incorporate thermoplastics into the dual durometer process to give you the maximum performance from your piece.

Dual durometer extrusion is perfect for many applications, but not every extrusion company can tailor their dual durometer process to your needs.  Extrudex will work with you on custom extrusions for both short-run and long-run projects.  No matter the project, Extrudex is your best option for dual durometer extrusion production.