Heat Welded Gaskets

Heat welded gaskets for all applications.

When you need a stable bond in a gasket, but also require the flexibility of a material like Santoprene™ or Sarlink™, chances are you need a heat welded thermoplastic material like those that Extrudex specializes in making.

No matter the size and scope of your project, the team of experts at Extrudex are ready to handle your production needs.  High quality and high volume: two descriptions that explain the types of projects that Extrudex excels in accomplishing.   Our facility is tailored to handle production of orders quickly, accurately and with the highest quality in the industry, even for complicated processes like heat welding.

We can integrate formed corners into welded gaskets and seals as well as notched and punched profiles.  Once the mission is accomplished, our team is ready to ship your items from our facility to any part of the world in which you need it delivered. From concept to execution, Extrudex is the industry leader in heat welded gaskets.  You owe it to yourself to see what Extrudex can do for you.