In the plastic extrusion business, there are many options that can contribute to nearly every industry. Profile extrusions, which creates holes in products during the extrusion process, can create tubes that are used for everything including drinking straws to sip cool lemonade on a hot day to medical tubes that can provide lifesaving medications and fluids to those who are sick.

Profile extrusions are just one specialty of the plastic extrusion market. During the process, pins are added to the process which allows for holes to be made. These holes, or lumens, can create the number of holes that are required for the project. Air pressure delivered through the pins created different sized holes that match the specifications for the project.

Pipe and tubing are the most commonly thought of profile extrusion. These cylindrical pieces can be almost any size and diameter. With advancements in technology, wall thickness can be altered to be thicker or thinner, whatever is required for the project. Pipes are considered to have a hollow, round profile that is rigid. Tubes have the same shape, but are considered to be tubes because of their flexible nature.

Vinyl siding is another commonly used product that is considered a profile extrusion. It is extruded as a flat sheet first and then formed into the correct shape and texture farther down the production line. This is called sheet and post forming and can be cost effective for production.

Another product that is common in profile extrusions is the window profile. Windows require a wide variety of products, such as the sash, frame and assembly pieces. Each of these has more than one hollow area to make sure that they fit. In addition, these shapes add structural strength to the window and building as well as offer thermal protection.

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