Extrudex Material on Conveyor Belt

Ask any layman if they know what extrusion looks like and they will give you a quizzical look. Trying to explain extrusion is like teaching a foreign language to your friends and family. You might want to start by giving them some real-world applications to introduce what you do for a living. Once you show them some examples, the lightbulb goes off, and they realize where they’ve seen extrusion products in their everyday life. Next time you say you are in the extrusion business, give these examples to those wondering what exactly that means:

It’s How You Get Your Cola Out Of The Glass.

Bet they never knew that a straw is an example of extruded plastic. Same goes for Oxygen in the ICU and fuel in small gas engines. All need extruded plastic to get from point A to point B.


You’re Actually Sitting On It As You Sip That Cola Out Of The Glass.

Most outdoor furniture, fencing and park benches are made from extruded plastic pieces. It’s so popular because it’s generally weatherproof, splinter proof and outlasts its wooden counterpart.


When You Are Done With Your Lunch You Use Extruded Materials To Wrap Up Your Leftovers. 

Extruded, clear plastic film is common in the short-term protection of food. Modern retailers also use blister packs which are harder films that are softened by heat and then formed in a mold to the right shape!


Extruded Materials Make Your Drive Home Safe.

Windshield wipers and squeegee blades are made from extrusion processes, as is the trim around the outside of the vehicle. And once you are home, you are protected by vinyl siding produced by, you guessed it: extrusion.


There are many, many more uses for extruded material, but this is a great starter to introduce extrusion to a novice. No matter what the use will be, contact Extrudex for all of your extrusion materials needs.


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