The plastic extrusion industry has grown exponentially with changes in technology and rapid innovations. As you can imagine, this has led to a great deal of new products that are now available using plastic extrusions and related manufacturing processes.

In the past, most people have thought that the plastic extrusion industry was really limited to a narrow range of products. Items like drinking straws and IV tubes are some of the most commonly considered products. In fact, there have been a great deal of changes within the industry that have made more and more products available through this cost-effective and time saving process.

New, hollow tubes are making projects possible. Large diameter sewer and water pipes have come on the market, giving everyone from a local construction manager to the superintendent of a water district an additional option in finding the best parts for the job. Considered part of the hollow pipe and tubing part of the industry, these tubes can also be created to be tiny in diameter – as small as .101” – which can be used on the smallest patients in a hospital.

Solid forms are being extruded as well. While many people think of extrusions as those that are as hollow as a drinking straw, manufacturers are now taking advantage of solid shapes that can be created using a specially designed die. These solid forms can be helpful when creating plastic lumber substitutes, outdoor furniture, park benches and even small toys for children.

The electrical industry has benefitted from extrusions as well. Ensuring that electrical parts are well insulated has always been a focus of the industry. With nearly every piece of technology requiring a charging cable, these extrusions have become even more important. To add the plastic insulation to a wire, the wire is simply pulled through the die while the plastic is added to the surface. The result is a smoothly covered wire surface that is properly insulated.

Profile and plastic extrusions are taking the lead in so many industries. Creating parts for everything from medical needs to toys to plastic lumber, you can see how helpful that the innovations in extrusion technology have become. Are you ready to start your own project? If you are, call Extrudex today for more information on our prototyping services as well as learning more about the materials that are available for your project.

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