Having a plastic extrusion that meets the tolerances that you need can be the difference between a product that works and one that doesn’t.  In order to get the results that are required for your product, it is critical that your specifications are met.  There are a few areas that you can check when your extrusions aren’t meeting your needs:

  • Sizing that isn’t working consistently. Most extrusions have size specifications that are crucial to the final product.  When there is an issue with size, there can be issues with several areas.  These can include issues with the material that has been chosen for the extrusion.  If your sizing isn’t right, then the material may have contracted more than expected during the cooling process.  There also may be an issue with the material not being heated enough to be formed into the correctly sized product.
  • Problems with the production line. There are times when issues with the production line can impact the final extrusion.  Starting with the front of the line, consider whether the right material has been chosen and check the screw and heating element. From there, you may find issues such as a blocked screen or a die that isn’t working the way it was designed.
  • Defining issues with the size of the final product. If you have looked carefully at the production line and there are no issues, then it is time to look carefully at the plastic that is being used. Many times the plastic that is being used simply isn’t performing the way it is expected to.  This can be a result of under heating, overheating or a processing issue that occurred well before your material was ever delivered to the extrusion facility.

When your extrusion isn’t meeting the tolerances that you have, then it is time to take a close look at the production line as well as the material that you have chosen.  Call the experts at Extrudex when you need extrusions that will meet your tightest tolerances. Call us now for more information!

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