Increasing public safety is always on the mind of product designers and regulators. One of the newest ways to ensure the safety of the public is through the use of antibacterial plastic products that can be deployed in a variety of areas to prevent the spread of disease. Here are just a few of the methods and places that these new extruded plastic products can be used:

  • Anti-bacterial extruded products are ideal for mass transportation. If you live in a major city and use the bus or subway system, then you may not want to stop and think about how many people have touched exactly the same area you have on a hand rail. These areas can be literally teeming with germs and can be almost impossible to keep clean, despite the best efforts of cleaning crews. New anti-bacterial plastics can keep those germs from growing without the help of cleaning crews. This can cause a decrease in the amount of germs that individuals are exposed to in mass transportation through handrails and other surfaces.
  • New products work for schools. The same issues that apply to mass transportation also apply to schools. Adding new furniture, wall rails and bathroom fixtures that are made of bacteria resistant plastic not only allow for easy cleaning from the janitorial staff, but allow for reduced bacteria growth in between cleaning. This may cause a decrease in the amount of contagious diseases in the school district.
  • Plastic extrusions keep hospitals cleaner. New plastic extrusions that are embedded with antibacterial properties are being used in hospitals to help reduce the spread of bacteria and keep patients safe. While healthcare facilities have excellent hand washing policies, these plastics can help visitors to stay healthy and not spread germs brought in from the outside. This additional protection may save the lives of critically ill patients.

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