Military Uniform

Plastics are now being used for much more than just soda bottles and packaging.

In fact, some of the newest plastics technology is protecting United States troops and will be provided as more of a standard offering beginning in 2019.

This new technology, using polyethylene as part of a new plastic body armor product, is much more lightweight than the current set-up used by military members around the globe. This reduction in weight is critical for troops that are stationed in areas where there is a hot climate or where troops are on the move during combat or special forces missions.

The decrease in weight using the polyethylene blend is significant. Through testing, it has been discovered that this new body armor is now about 25% lighter than the current body armor being used around the globe. The current body armor is made from Kevlar, which is also a plastic-based aramid fiber. While options in addition to Kevlar have been available for quite some time, having this new polyethylene product available will be an asset to the military.

In addition to the lighter weight, the polyethylene body armor is also less expensive than its counterpart made from Kevlar’s proven aramid fiber blend. The new polyethylene product has been undergoing field testing and has been shown to be just as protective as the current options that are being used by the United States military.

When the new body armor is delivered to the military starting in 2019, it will also feature a new design. Redesigned to assist in a greater range of movement, the polyethylene body armor will have new improvements to the women’s design that will better cover reproductive organs. Both men and women that wear the new body armor should see a difference in mobility and better protection.

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