Colorful tubes

Polycarbonate tube and polycarbonate extrusions offer benefits in terms of applications that many other materials simply can’t offer.

This material, known for its clear, see-through, characteristics is one of the best options for customers who need specifically designed safety materials. Here are just a few ways that polycarbonate tube and polycarbonate extrusions can be designed and used:

• Polycarbonates are ideal for plastic extrusions where the material needs to be customized. Known to be a durable material that can be easily manipulated, polycarbonate’s properties make it easy to mold into tubes, sheets, panels, and rods. Once the polycarbonate product has been formed, the durability of the product means that it can be fabricated even after extrusion has been completed.

• Polycarbonates are simply the best solution for applications that need to have impact-resistant qualities. Polycarbonate tubes and extrusions offer high shock-load resistance and can be used to glaze glass as a way to prevent injuries from glass breakage.

• Safety and security is one of the best applications for polycarbonates. Used frequently as a safety measure, polycarbonate tubes and extrusions are widely used in public areas as a protective product. Frequently seen in subway stations, train stations, airports, schools and a wide variety of public buildings, polycarbonate panels help to prevent issues with damage from the population as well as crime.

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