Plastic extrusions are now used in so many industries and benefit so many consumers and business to business service providers. From mechanical and industrial applications to construction and medical equipment, plastic extrusions make living life easier. One area that is currently being developed is the ability to be able to print onto extrusions. Why is this important?

  • Assists with developing your brand. With many companies competing in the same area of the marketplace, being able to identify your materials is important. By adding your logo, tag line and the name of your business to extruded parts you can be sure that your buyers know exactly who created the parts and where they can get more.
  • Clarifies part numbers. When two parts look very similar, it can be difficult for those in the field to understand which part is to be used in which situation. Adding part numbers to extruded plastic parts is important in making sure that users know which part they need for their individual project. This can help in packing supplies as well as working in the field and provides a higher level of customer support.
  • Spread the word about your business. With the competition in today’s market, you need to take advantage of any advertising you can get. Adding your phone number to your extruded plastic parts makes it easy for people to contact you to purchase additional supplies. And, if your product gets damaged by the buyer, they can still see who made it to order a replacement, giving you the opportunity to build customer loyalty.
  • Disposal information can be included. If your parts can be recycled, you can add that with new printing capabilities for extruded plastics.

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