Polymers are one of the best material options for plastic extrusions. These versatile materials can be shaped into some of the most challenging shapes. If you are considering using a polymer, then here are some quick facts that will help you to understand how they can be used and why they work so well for many types of extrusion processes:

  • What is a polymer? A polymer is a form of an organic compound that can be found in many materials that we run into on an everyday basis. In fact, some of the most common polymers are those found in proteins and nucleic acids. Polymers are frequently part of living objects.
  • Exactly what is a polymer extrusion? A polymer extrusion means that a plastic or an elastomeric material is used in the extrusion process. These materials have certain characteristics that make them ideal for creation during the extrusion process. Rubber, used widely in extrusions, is one of the most common polymer materials.
  • What kinds of products can be created using the polymer extrusion process? The polymer extrusion process is ideal for products such as weather-stripping, trim for home and commercial use, plastic and rubber tubing and even food materials such as making drinking straws.
  • Are polymer extrusions used in a wide variety of industries? The answer is yes. In fact, polymer extrusions can be found in the construction, industrial, automobile and even healthcare industries. Products made from polymer extrusions are used in literally every business.

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