Santoprene™ is one of the most widely used materials today in the extrusion industry.

This thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) is a popular option due to the easy ability to manufacture it. Here are just a few reasons that Santoprene™ is one of the most versatile materials for extrusions:

  • Santoprene™ offers reasonable cost. While there are many materials that will work for your project, Santoprene is one of the best materials for those who have a cost concern.
  • Santoprene™ is a thermoplastic material. Made from crosslinked rubber particles mixed with thermoplastic material is what makes Santoprene easy to work with and easy to extrude.
  • Santoprene™ can be processed easily. While some of the materials used for extrusion require specialized processing, Santoprene can be processed using traditional thermoplastic equipment.
  • Santoprene™ is versatile in final production. This material can be blow molded, thermoformed, injection molded, extruded, and even welded. As you can see, there are many options for getting your project completed.
  • Hardness can be adjusted. You can get Santoprene™ in a range of hardness. It comes in 45 Shore A to 50 Shore D. Each of these grades offers specific options and benefits.

Santoprene can be a great option for extrusions. With an easy processing profile, Santoprene can offer solutions for many applications, including appliances, automotive manufacturing, and construction. Want more information? Call Extrudex today!


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