Fabrication Department

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We Take Pride in Our Post-Extrusion Fabrication Abilities

 Extrudex, located in Painesville, Ohio, has a fully staffed post-extrusion fabrication department that is prepared to meet the most challenging requirements. Our experienced team of extrusion professionals has every tool and technique necessary to fulfill your requirements, creating thermoplastic extrusion solutions based on your specifications, budget, and timeline.

The Finer Details

Drilling, Notching, Punching, Polycarb Tubing, and More!

In addition to drilling, notching, and punching, Extrudex has experience with more complicated tasks such as bending, forming, splicing, welding, and intricate pack-outs. We all specialize in difficult to extrude polycarbonate. Among the many types of polycarbonate tubes we extrude, Extrudex is probably best known for the production of both thin wall and thick wall polycarbonate tubes. 

We have particular expertise in the following industries: Aerospace, Big Box/Consumer Goods, Military, Toys, Sports & Entertainment, and P.O.P.

With 40 years of plastic extrusion experience and a knowledgeable team of engineers and production specialists, we can meet the needs of your organization with our post-extrusion fabrication services. Let us partner with you on your next extrusion project, whether you are in the Cleveland area or elsewhere.

Contact Extrudex and find out about the post-extrusion capabilities we have. We can also meet any of your pack-out/final assembly requirements.