Heat Welding

Specializing in Heat Welding

a dimensionally stable bond

Heat welding is a process that Extrudex specializes in at its Painesville facility. In the welding of thermoplastics, two similar thermoplastic components are joined under heat and pressure. As a result, after cooling, a permanent and dimensionally stable bond is produced. Based on the design of the tooling, multiple angles can be welded.

The Finer Details

heat welding flexible thermoplastics

One of our specialties is heat welding flexible thermoplastics including materials such as flexible PVC, Polypro, Santoprene™ and Sarlink™ using practices like dual durometer welding. These heat welded materials are excellent for use in gaskets that require a stable bond.

Not only can we meet the needs of heat welded projects for your business, but we have the expertise to produce high volumes of gaskets and seals at our own production facility. No matter the size or scope of your project, our team of specialists can meet your needs. Our engineers and technical professionals are experts at designing and fabricating tooling to produce high-quality and high-volume gaskets and seals that meet our customers’ tight tolerances in both budget and production.

You can rely on Extrudex for all of your welding needs. With Extrudex, you can be sure that the products you order will be produced quickly, accurately and with the highest quality. Extrudex is one of the few companies with a fabrication department dedicated to welding gaskets and seals. Our welding department also is capable of integrating formed corners into welded gaskets and seals as well as notched and punched profiles. Our team can schedule your project and get it sent out from our Painesville, Ohio, facility to any location around the globe.

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