Punching and Drilling

Make Your Materials Ready for Sale or Use

more than providing extruded plastics

Finishing a product might mean doing more than simply providing extruded plastics. At Extrudex, we understand that you may need more than just production. You may need additional services to make your materials complete and ready for sale or use.

The Finer Details

Because we understand that having a one-stop-shop for your extrusion needs, Extrudex has developed numerous post-extrusion capabilities to serve you. Two of the most common services utilized by our customers include punching and drilling. As part of our production process, each of our 20 extrusion lines is supported by secondary operation machines that can be used to efficiently complete parts onsite.

Whether your project involves a short run or a long run of parts, Extrudex can meet your needs. Our expert engineering and production staff can fulfill drill and punching requirements for high volume production as well as close tolerance requirements. This ability to punch and drill items onsite saves you time and money, as well as ensuring a quality final product that exceeds your expectations.

For more information on our Punching and Drilling services (or to Request a Quote), please Contact Extrudex.