The Dedicated Roller Fabrication Department of Extrudex

Our production capabilities at Extrudex extend to our dedicated roller fabrication department. With our years of knowledge, our team has the ability to meet your needs with a variety of roller products.

The Finer Details

A Wide Range of Roller Products

We offer a range of different roller products that can benefit your business. We offer both extruded HDPE and LDPE rollers as part of our production capabilities. These rollers can be manufactured in sizes ranging from 2” up to 4” diameter. The most common sizes are 2”, 2.5”, 2.625”, 2.75”, 2.875”, 3”, 3.75” and 4”. Custom sizes to meet the specific needs of your project are always available.

If your project requires post-extrusion finishing, our team has several different options to meet your needs. We can finish the rollers with a variety of beveled edges or we can drill multiple cup holes for specialty rollers as well as insert bushings (both plastic and steel) as required. Extrudex offers both black and natural rollers.

While some companies have requirements on production minimums or lengthy lead times, you’ll find that Extrudex is committed to serving you as quickly as possible with a wide range of services. Offering flexibility to our customers, rollers can be ordered in any quantity, with no minimum order requirements. Most of our orders usually ship within one to two weeks.

For more information on Rollers and the various options associated with them, please Contact Extrudex.