Tubing and Hose

Dedicated Tube Extrusion Production Lines

rigid plastic tubes and flexible tubing

Extrudex operates dedicated tube extrusion production lines that service the needs of companies who use extruded rigid plastic tubes and flexible tubing as part of their business. These can include a wide variety of options for the medical, food processing and many other industries. This dedication to tube production means that we have many flexible options for our clients, including a variety of materials and colors.

The Finer Details

Size and density is not an issue for our engineers or our production facility.

Extrudex has the capabilities required to produce extruded tubing up to 6” in diameter.

We can produce tubing in sizes ranging from .125” OD to 6” OD with various wall thicknesses.  Below are just a few examples of our capabilities: Flexible Hose – vacuum tubes to gravity feed tubes, Semi Rigid Hose – various finishes and color composites, Polycarbonate Tubing, Rigid and Food Grade Tubing, Formed Rigid Tubing – We can bend rigid tube to meet custom requirements, and Post Extrusion Operation – Including drilled holes, slotting and special packaging (i.e. bar code as well as label application)

What makes us unique?  Unlike custom profile extrusion dies in use at many companies, Extrudex holds a library of existing Extrudex-owned pins and dies for tube extrusion.  As a result, we can likely produce your tube or hose without the extra expense of tooling, saving you time and money.  Having access to these resources makes it easy for our expert team to complete your plastic extrusion project within a period of time that will work for your project.

If you want to take advantage of our fast, expert engineering service for hoses and tubes, contact Extrudex and request a quote for your specific needs.