All j-channels are not created equal! FleX-J, the flexible j-channel from Extrudex, does things the competition just can’t. One of the biggest challenges contractors and finishers face is getting channel around arches and curved surfaces without buckling. FleX-J was designed specifically to eliminate these issues. If you aren’t familiar with FleX-J, here are some ways that it surpasses traditional j-channel solutions to make your life, and the projects you work on daily, easier!


1. FleX-J offers one of the largest j-Channel faces on the market today.

Our FleX-J channel is made with UV-protected, anti-microbial and dual durometer materials, and it’s also the most stable extruded flexible j-channel on the planet. Its unique design makes it easy to use and truly sets it apart from the competition.


2. FleX-J’s design enables the channel to retain its shape.

Our design feature extends the semi-rigid material partially up both the face and nail-fin ends, allowing the FleX-J to hold its shape around the tightest radii.


3. FleX-J is offered in two different sizes.

One size fits all solutions are part of the reason it’s so hard to get your j-channel projects to work. FleX-J is offered in two sizes: ¾” and 1-1/8”, so each piece provides the proper fit with sliding, limiting the distortion associated with one-size-fits-all solutions.


4. FleX-J offers the industry’s only “curled-over” top on the Face side.

What does that mean? It means that FleX-J is available with the same professional finish found with rigid traditional channels.


5. FleX-J offers the industry’s longest nail fin (1.67”) available.

Our nailing fin is also tapered, ensuring easy installation. The result is streamlined installation and long-lasting results.


This list begs the question: Why would you trust your products to any other j-channel on the market? With FleX-J from Extrudex, you get the toughness and durability you are used to from traditional j-channel, but the flexibility and installation diversity you want to complete your job the right way. Contact Extrudex today and let us help you complete your projects with FleX-J Channel!

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