If you want the best outcome for your next project, then choosing the right material can be critical. Thermoplastic PVC is one of the most versatile plastics for home improvement product extrusions.  Here are our four top reasons for choosing thermoplastic PVC for your project:

  1. Thermoplastic PVC is a greener option. If you are looking for a plastic material that offers an environmentally friendly component, then look to thermoplastic PVC.  Other plastics are comprised of large portions of crude oil and natural gas.  Thermoplastic PVC relies less on these materials during production of the raw material.
  1. Thermoplastic PVC is a specialized type of material. This PVC is considered thermoplastic due to the fact that it will get soft above a certain temperature and will harden below a certain temperature.  This sensitivity to temperature means that it can be extruded easily and can be used over and over again. Thermoplasticity means that this type of PVC can be recycled into new products over time.
  1. This PVC is created from salt. Thermoplastic PVC is a combination of chlorine and carbon.  While the carbon materials for PVC are created from crude oil and petroleum products, the chlorine materials are derived from salt.   This is accomplished by exposing salt to an electrolysis process.
  1. This material is used heavily in home improvement materials and construction. With a chlorine component, that means that materials created from thermoplastic PVC are generally quite fire resistant.  Common items that are created for home use include drainpipes, gutter materials and home siding.

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