There are certain design specifications that can really help to make your plastic profile a success once it has been manufactured. To get the best custom plastic extrusion results, planning carefully in the design stage can set you up for success. Here are a few tips to get the best extrusion design you can before you send it to manufacturing:

  1. Using a hollow profile? Cut back on the details. While you may want to add details to your design, if you are using a hollow extruded plastic profile, then limiting these is smart. During processing, there is nothing to resist against the hollow when it is being manufactured, making surface detail very challenging to accomplish.
  1. Be tolerant of the length. If you have a certain length in mind for your flexible channel or other product, add a bit of tolerance. During the manufacturing process, thermoplastics can see quite a bit of expansion and contraction. Specifying a less than 3 millimeter tolerance can cost you quite a bit more on your parts during production.
  1. Provide linking parts. Does your design have to fit within another part? If it does, providing the mating parts can make all the difference in how well your extruded plastic profile fits at the end of the process. Give your engineering consultant all of the mating parts for your design at the beginning of your consultation to ensure that everything fits exactly as it should.
  1. Want it clear? If you want a clear plastic profile, then choose your materials carefully. Usually clear, rigid PVC is the most cost effective, but it is not as clear as glass. PETG or polycarbonate may offer you the clarity that you would like to have, but being able to use it is dependent on your design.

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