Extrusions offer one of the most versatile technologies on the market. Thermoplastic polymers are one of the most popular materials. Combine the technology and the material and you can see why thermoplastic polymer extrusions have taken the plastics industry by storm. Here are five facts you need to know about polymer extrusions:

1. Extrusions are used to create particular shapes and forms. An extrusion, or the process of heating plastics and then forming them using a die, is one of the most popular ways to mold plastics into a particular form.

2. Polymers are organic. Based in nature, polymers might seem like a man made material, but they are actually found in nucleic acids and proteins, building blocks for the human body. Polymers have a specific chemical composition that makes them ideal for extrusion.

3. Polymer extrusions are commonly completed using natural rubber materials. These elastomeric materials are ideal for polymer extrusions as they soften easily and are easily formed into a particular shape that is required by the design and the project.

4. A wide range of products can be made using polymer extrusions. From weather stripping to plastic and rubber tubing used in medical and industrial applications, polymer extrusions are popular and common on the market.

5. These extrusions are seen in just about every market. From the automotive industry to construction, healthcare, aerospace and lawn and garden industry, polymer extrusions can be found nearly everywhere.

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