Public safety is a concern where many individuals, groups and agencies devote their time. Ensuring that people traveling, going to stores and attending athletic events have a great time and leave without an issue is an area where plastic extrusions have made a tangible impact. Here are five ways that people stay safe with plastic extrusion processes:

1. Extruded products are popular in schools. Schools are now adding plastic products that can prevent injury and exposure to bacteria. From wall rails to chair parts, newly developed extrusions with anti-bacterial properties not only prevent injuries, but also prevent the movement of bacterial and other pathogens throughout the school population.

2. Extruded plastics save time in cleaning. With an easy surface to clean, janitorial staffs at hospitals and other facilities can more easily prevent the spread of disease.

3. Mass transportation benefits from extrusions. New seating options added to buses and subways now have anti-bacterial properties build right into them. This is a preventative option that is now helping individuals to stay healthy while they are traveling, even if the passenger next to them is suffering from a cold or a virus.

4. No more cuts and bruises. Used in public areas as rail guards, seat rails and bumpers, plastic extrusions help to protect people in public areas from injury. Seats edged with a plastic extrusion protect delicate skin and bumper covers help to soften harsh metal edges.

5. Extrusions decrease contamination on doors in hospitals. New extruded door handles decrease germ exposure to patients and family members.

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