When you are considering a new plastic extrusion design, you can be sure that there are many options to think about and many items to weigh. From the right material selection to the best processing option, there are some critical decisions that need to be made.

To achieve the best practices in extrusion design, one of the first things to think about is the wall thickness of your product. Having an even wall thickness makes the high level of quality that you want achievable. Altering the wall thickness in the middle of the project can be hard to manage and can cause products to be manufactured that are out of specification.

Another thing to consider when designing your product to achieve the highest level of quality is limiting small details. While these details may seem like a good way to separate your product from the crowd, they can be difficult to produce consistently. Having plastic extrusions that vary can imply an issue with your product. This is especially true in hollow areas. Since there is no way to support the wall while these details are added, you may be unhappy with the result. The best practice for adding details is to add them in an area that is solid and can be supported during production processes.

In addition to the challenges of adding details to hollow areas, there is also an issue in adding hollow areas to hollows. A hollow on top of a hollow simply cannot hold the required shape during the thermoplastic extrusion process. What you may experience in a design that has a hollow added to a hollow are areas that are completely out of shape. This occurs because the plastic simply can’t cure quick enough in order to maintain the desired shape. Eliminating this design feature will save you a lot of headaches when ordering a new plastic extrusion product.

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