Like every industry, new developments in technology can take something that was formerly thought to be impossible and create a way for it to be possible. This is the case with creating bottles using extrusion technology. There are now new technologies that can make extruded bottles easy to manufacture. Here are just a few things to know about how this new technology works:

  • Bottles can be formed using thermoforming technology. Instead of plastic beads as the starting raw material, bottles created using thermoplastics start with a thin sheet of plastic. The sheet of plastic is fed into the line where it is cut into strips.   In order to form the bottle, the strips of plastic are formed using pipes filled with warm air. This creates the cylinder shape.
  • Cylinder shapes are heated again. Once the cylinder shape is created and the seams have been welded shut, the cylinders are heated up again and formed into the precise shapes that have been requested by the client. A low pressure, usually under six bars, and a temperature of under 150 degrees Celsius is utilized to create the bottle shape.
  • Thermoforming bottles decreases the amount of materials used. Plastic bottles created using thermoforming processes require less plastic than other processes. This can save companies money in purchasing raw materials. The decrease in plastic is significant – up to thirty to fifty percent less.
  • New bottle designs are industry friendly. From the food industry to pharmeceuticals and chemicals, these new thermoformed plastic bottles are seeing a wide range of applications that can be appropriate for the end user. Most bottles are now available in sizes that start at 50ml and increase in size up to 300ml. Some of the newest technological advances create bottles of up to 500ml.

Thermoformed plastic bottles can save you time in materials and processing over traditional blow molding. Call the experts at Extrudex today for more information on how we can assist you in utilizing this new technology. We have a wide range of design and manufacturing capabilities and can work with you to meet your needs. Call us today for expert assistance!

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