Are you confused about coextrusion?  Would you like to know more about how it works and whether it might benefit your process?  Coextrusion is now used extensively in the plastic and polymer extrusion manufacturing system in order to provide additional options in design and formulation.

The best place to start is with a definition.  What is coextrusion?  Coextrusion is the process of using more than one plastic material in the extrusion process in a multi-functional manufacturing line.

The concept behind coextrusion is relatively simple and can solve a multitude of problems and add flexibility to the overall design process.   During processing, instead of only one material being used, multiple polymer or thermoplastic materials are fed down the line using different feeder lines to the die.  This means that different shapes, characteristics, qualities and colors can be achieved during the extrusion process, giving customers more flexibility.

Coextrusion can give final materials additional strength and durability as well as eliminate issues with UV exposure, unwanted weathering and can even add to the final product by offering new textures and colors.  Coextrusion gives plastic engineers additional latitude in developing new designs and offerings to clients.  Complex designs can be achieved using two or more conveyance channels where plastic materials can be mixed and forced through the die at the correct rate.

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