Today’s complex and adaptive plastic extrusion technology can do far more than simply make j-channel for windows and door frames. In fact, there are now a myriad of commercial applications for plastic extrusions that have nothing to do with construction. Here are just a few of those products that take advantage of the newest trends and developments in plastic technology:

  • Appliances. Appliance manufacturers use plastic extrusions in several different ways. Today’s efficient refrigerators take advantage of flexible PVC channels to use as sealants for refrigerator and stove doors. In addition to PVC channels, vinyl channels can also be used to help create seals between parts and doors on appliances.
  • Home furnishings. There are types of home furnishings that use plastic channels as well. These can include curtain rods made from rigid plastic that are commonly used for lightweight drapery. Picture frames can also be extruded as well as component parts in plastic flower decorations that are found at many craft stores.
  • Display parts. Stores depend on plastic extruded parts in order to display their items for sale. Point of purchase displays as well as guards can be made from extruded parts. Bumpers and shelving are also commercial parts that are commonly made using the extrusion process.
  • Food packaging and storage. Items such as drinking straws and some storage items are now made using an extrusion process. These items have carefully chosen materials to make sure they are non-reactive to food acids and will not cause illnesses.

Plastic extrusions are so much more than just weather stripping. Contact Extrudex today for more information on how we can help utilize extrusion processes for your product. We offer rapid prototyping and custom design services.

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