We have become a completely device driven culture, right? When was the last time that you didn’t have a cell phone, tablet or laptop nearby? What most people don’t realize is that consumers are protected when using their devices by technology that has been developed by the plastic extrusion industry. These plastic extrusions help people to be able to use their devices without issue. Here are some reasons that plastics help consumers to stay safe:

  • Most technology is driven by electricity. If you think about it, most of today’s technology is driven by an electrical current. From plugging your phone charger into a cable to working on your computer, electricity is an important part of how we operate our businesses.
  • Power must be managed safely. With current running through so many of our devices, engineers have worked to ensure that the power can be managed in a way that will protect consumers. These regulations are designed to prevent issues with shock and voltage.
  • How can you prevent electrical discharges? By using an insulating extrusion, cables and electrical cords can direct the electricity to the device, rather than moving outside of the wiring. These extrusions are created using plastics technology that is designed specifically for cables.
  • Corrosion is also stopped in its tracks using extrusions. Wires exposed to the elements, even in a climate controlled home, can rust and develop corrosion. This can prevent the safe movement and flow of electricity. Extrusions developed for wiring is a way to prevent water and humidity (not to mention spilled coffee!) from affecting consumer electronics.

The next time you use your computer, tablet or phone, think about the extrusions that are used to help protect you. This extrusion technology has developed over time and continues to offer consumers the benefit of electrical usage that is safe and reliable. For more information on how extrusions are used in consumer electronics, contact Extrudex. Our engineers would be happy to chat with you about your next project and your specifications and budget. Chat with our team now!

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