With the excitement of launching a new product comes the reality that you need to have a die created that can do the work during the actual extrusion process. Creating that die carefully is the key and ultimately the most important part of the project. Here are just a few things that you need to know about creating an extrusion die before you start your next project:

Start by finding a partner. Finding a partner in the extrusion process – one who has experience in creating custom dies and has a proven ability to meet specifications – is the best starting place.   Look for a company that is interested in working with you over the long term, has manufacturing credentials and has the technology and access to the materials that you need.

Describe how you want it to look. Part of the design process is describing how you want it to look. Think through the specific characteristics that you need it to have in order to work in terms of shape and size. If there are specific colors that need to be used, spell that out to your provider. Also consider whether you need a particular type of finished surface, gloss or rough, for example, and if it needs to connect with any other parts. This will be important in the die design process.

Define the tolerances. Depending on the finished use, your product may have very tight or looser tolerances. Knowing those ahead of time will help you to create the best die design for your product. This will also guide your choice of materials as some can be formed to tighter specifications than others.

What challenges will your extrusion face? Make sure to talk about any pressure, tensile strength or heat your part will need to deal with in its final form. Knowing this will help determine the manufacturing process and design.

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