When you are designing a new plastic product, you may be looking for the most creative way to incorporate the functionality and details that you need in order to take your business to the next level. With new technology constantly evolving, there are many ways to add the creative options you are looking for in your next plastic extrusion project.

Internal details are one area that you can add personality and function to your project. When you look at your design, do you see places where openings and grooves should be? Do you have a need for snap-in functions? If you do, then these options can be added to your extrusion project. Creating the space and shapes for these internal details can be incorporated by the engineering staff as they work on your product’s prototype.

In order to get the tightest tolerances, creative extrusion designers add a little bit of length to your project. The reason for this is that some thermoplastic materials can expand and contract during the processing phase of production. The longer your product is going to be, the more tolerance it should have. As an estimate, you can assume that a 1000mm length object for an extrusion can be kept to a plus or minus 3 mm tolerance. If you need a tighter tolerance than that, speak to your extrusion engineer about design or material changes to reduce the cost that rigid specifications can create.

Creating clear parts can require some innovation. Luckily, new plastic materials can make achieving your clear product much easier. Using clear, rigid PVC is a way to achieve clarity economically though it will not be as clear as glass. For the most invisible products look to PETC or Polycarbonate plastics as the material to use. These will allow your product to come out with very little obscuring of the surface. Check with your plastics engineer to see which plastic will work best for your desired outcome and product usage.

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