Before our flexible j-channel product was introduced to the market, we took the time to understand and identify the characteristics that make a difference to our end users.  We wanted to offer a product that would offer the highest level of performance and design.  Here are just a few design qualities that make FleX-J a unique product in the marketplace:

  • FleX-J is the only one that offers a true one inch face. While many flexible j-channel products come in a variety of sizes, as you can imagine, none come in a 1-inch face.
  • FleX-J is manufactured from materials that will remain stable over time. A concern for end users is always whether or not the material will remain stable over time.  By manufacturing FleX-J from both 97 and 80 Shore-A FPVC with excellent UV and fungicide protection, you will see that the FleX-J has been manufactured to last for an extended amount of time; and third-party testing proves this.  In addition to its ability to stay stable in weather-exposed applications, the product will also remain flexible.
  • Deforming isn’t an issue. With the careful selection of materials as well as design features that extend the semi-rigid 97 durometer material partially up the nail fin and face, you will notice that the Extrudex FleX-J will hold a tight radius and not buckle or deform.
  • Get a professional finish. FleX-J has a curled over top on the face side, giving your project a professional finish, the same kind you would find with rigid channels.

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