Extrusions have come a long way in the last few years. With advancements in technology, more and more companies are enjoying the results that can be achieved in plastic extrusions. Technology is making a discernable difference in the way that parts can be manufactured and designed using extrusions.

  • Single extrusion processes, which have been used for quite a long time, are now enjoying additional technological advances. These single extruders route the raw material that is placed in the hopper and moves it into the extrusion line. Advanced technology can now be used to not only soften the materials using friction, but by using gentle heating elements to prepare it for the extrusion process.
  • Generally speaking, the single extrusion process uses a die to create the final form. What has changed, though, is the amount of different types of shapes that can be extruded using this proven technology. While a single extruder is widely known to create many tube shaped materials, what has developed is the sizing. From the smallest extrusion, many times smaller than a drinking straw, to an extrusion that is up to four feet in diameter is just one way that the technology has changed in extrusions.
  • Co-extrusions have also seen a great deal of technological developments. The benefit to co-extrusions is that they have the ability to incorporate more than one material into one final process or design. By adding more extrusion technology onto a single extrusion line, it is possible to create everything from multi-colored parts to adding soft, bendable types of extrusions onto a stiff base.
  • One of the biggest advances in extrusion technology is the use of cooling stations. These areas force the materials to cool in a predictable manner, allowing for more specifications to be maintained. In order to complete the cooling process, extrusion engineers fit the line with cooling tanks, vacuum areas or even air racks with fans. These allow the parts to cool quickly and help to maintain tolerances.

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