Innovations in plastic extrusion processes have created opportunity for the products to be used in a wide variety of markets. Recently, some of the newest options for extruding companies to share their products has been with the agricultural industry. Great for use in everything from commercial farming options to stables filled with livestock, these plastic extrusion products are helping to streamline operations and decrease costs.

For large farming operations, newly formed extruded plastic construction materials are now be utilized to provide refurbished storage and housing areas. Plastic siding that is attractive and can make a farm look professional is an excellent option for barns and storage facilities that need to be resided. Given that it does not require the same upkeep as wooden structures or siding, it is decreasing maintenance costs for many types of farms.

Operations that need new facilities are also considering the use of plastic siding and trim products that were manufactured using the extrusion process. In fact, with new products on the market, it is quick and easy to add space to a stable, kennel or chicken house. These products are so versatile that even adding temporary structures are possible and economical.

A side benefit to using these materials is that they are hygienic. Plastic extruded products can be quickly cleaned using approved cleaning agents that meet local, state and federal guidelines for use in the agricultural industry. This versatility allows agricultural businesses to take advantage of quick cleaning options that prevent the spread of germs, diseases and food borne illnesses.

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