The next time you plug in your cell phone, tablet or laptop, you can thank a plastics engineer. Realistically, the developments in the plastic extrusion industry have helped to make technology accessible and safe for so many people. Here are just a few reasons as to how plastic extrusions have become an ideal partner for the work being done on electrical applications:

  • Technology has become very prevalent. It is rare when you find someone that doesn’t own a cell phone, tablet or a laptop computer. Each of these technological applications has an electrical component that allows the power to continue to work. Ensuring that these designs are safe has been part of the work done by the plastic extrusion industry.
  • What protects you from a shock? Regulations require that all electrical devices have insulated cables so that consumers don’t get a shock. This is done through insulating the wires using a plastic coating. That plastic coating is created using a soft plastic molding over the exposed wires.
  • Extruded plastics are used in industrial applications as well. Most cabling today takes advantage of an extruded plastic covering that provides insulation. From the cables that bring television and connectivity into your home to power that is being provided to remotely located mining operations, knowing that the power is protected is critical.
  • Plastic coatings work to prevent corrosion. No matter whether you are using your earbuds while you go on a run or a power company needs insulated cable to deliver power to your neighborhood, part of the role of an extruded insulation on wire is to protect it from moisture and abrasion. Humidity, rain, snow, sweat, spilled coffee – each of these situations require that electrical cords are impervious to environmental conditions.
  • Coatings provide easy handling. Smooth surfaces on cables, whether for consumer or industrial use, protect hands from injury. It also speeds up the installation time and ease.

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