The use of extruded parts in agriculture has risen to new highs. With versatility, the ability to keep the parts sanitary and flexible, more and more agriculture professionals are now choosing to use plastic extrusions for their commercial agriculture operations. Here’s why:

  • Plastic extrusions can be used in a wide variety of agricultural operations. From commercial vegetable farming to livestock operations, extrusions provide the parts necessary to keep operations moving forward.
  • Extrusions can improve the value of the operation. By using extruded plastic siding, barns and holding buildings can be quickly updated, which will increase the value of the real estate where the agricultural operation is housed. Helping a farm or facility to look updated gives potential customers, inspectors and business partners the opportunity the most positive impression of the facility as a whole.
  • Extrusions can decrease maintenance costs. By adding extruded plastic building materials, the buildings will not require the same intensive upkeep that is needed for wooden buildings. Instead of having to power wash and paint the siding to keep it looking professional, extruded plastic siding can be rinsed off to give it a like-new appearance, saving you time and money.
  • Agricultural extrusions can be sanitary and meet many FDA requirements. Extruded plastic products that are used in a commercial enterprise are a great way to meet sanitation requirements. Easy to clean and non-reactive to chemicals, cleaning agents and food materials, these hoses, nozzles and couplings can be sanitized and maintained in a way that is accessible and simple to complete.

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